Friday, March 19, 2010

Last night's class

Excellent class... We started out with the usual warm-ups, stretches, and calisthenics, and then we did a drill with the medicine balls and seiuchin stance. We did another one where we walked around the dojo, alternating elbows to knees, coming down in a good seisan each time. Through the stretches, calisthenics, and drills, I really focused on my breathing -- Inhaling through the nose, exhaling through the mouth. It's becoming a good habit.

After that, we worked on a couple of street survival techniques. The first technique was how to perform a proper choke-hold, and how to defend against one. The second technique we worked on, was doing weapon redirection and take-aways, if someone is threatening us with a gun. Fascinating stuff...

In my basement workout room, I've shoved all of my weight-lifting equipment to the side. I've got the heavy-bag, and last night, put up a reflex bag. This weekend, I may try to put up my speed-bag. I looked into getting a wall-mirror, and one of the local glass places quoted me $200 for a 48"x130" sheet. We'll see....

This morning, my legs and shoulders are pleasantly sore. Slowly, incrementally, my flexibility is improving. No matter how slow, as long as my progress is steady, it's very motivating and encouraging.

I'm looking forward to Saturday's class. Saturdays are less formally structured, the classes are smaller, and it's a chance to work on kata, charts, and other techniques.

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