Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Injuries, flexibility, and adaptation

Last night, I donned my dogi and went to the basement to put in some practice. I've got tendinitis in both elbows, and my back is very stiff. Rough life I've led.... Six years as an Army medic, a couple years of boxing, lots of brawls, a couple of car accidents, and on and on.

I took my time warming up on the treadmill, and then started doing some stretches. The stretch that gives me the hardest time, is sitting straight-legged on the floor, legs apart, and trying to lean forward and put my forearms on the floor. My hamstrings and back just say, Nope. Sorry, pal. Ain't gonna' happen. I sat straight-legged in front of my treadmill, then leaned forward and grabbed the frame and pulled myself down a little more than I'm ordinarily able to stretch. I'm hoping that as I gradually do this, that it will make a difference. My back is a little sore, today... I also have an inversion table, and I think I'll begin making use of it.

After I finished warming up and stretching, I ran through the Seisan Kata a few times, refining it, taking it nice and slow, evaluating my stance, hand placement, wrist angles, breathing, and really trying to snap the punches and kicks.

After this, I went over and began working the heavy bag. The frame for the bag has a couple of anchor-points, so on a whim, I ran my hand under the bottom side of the bag. I found an anchor loop! I didn't think the bag had one, so that was a pleasant surprise. I went and got two long straps and secured the bottom of the bag to the frame. Now it doesn't swing so much, and if I hit it without gloves, it functions almost like a makiwara.

I ran through 25 straight punches with each hand, just like working a makiwara, and then I ran through Chart 1, with each punch hitting the bag. I did a bunch of chops, and then worked my front snap kicks, side kicks, and crescent kicks.

I stretched again, and then called it a night. I slept well... Dreamed that I was on a scuba trip to Mexico, and followed a dive-buddy through a jungle to a place of waterfalls. I jumped in, needing no scuba equipment, and the water was clear as gin. I saw a friend of mine that I've not seen since high school. She was just hanging out there, mid-water. We were able to talk, but I can't remember what we talked about... Cool dream!

Up at 0530, donned sweats and tennis-shoes, and took the dog for a 2-mile walk. :-) I'll probably do it again, this evening.

Tonight, I'll probably take it a little easier in my workout. Warm-up, stretching and running through the Seisan Kata. My elbows are both buzzing with pain, today. I've got class on Thursday night...

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