Friday, March 26, 2010

Living The Martial Way

I am thoroughly enjoying this book! Nodding my head on every page... I would recommend it highly to anyone, but especially those involved in martial arts. Pursuing and practicing martial arts isn't something that we "do" three times a week. The entire martial philosophy is a unique way of seeing the world and living the life of a warrior. Marvelous book...

I've also received this book and can't wait to dig into it:

Class was great, last night, as usual. We took a part of the Seisan Kata and turned it into an exercise. It gave me some much-needed practice on a part of the kata that was giving me a little trouble. We also did some ground and pound stuff, and worked on another exercise where, from a lying position, rolling to one side or the other, rising up on the the left or right forearm and raising our lower hip off of the floor, and then bringing the top knee across in a strike. It was tough! It calls for explosive movement, coming mostly from the core. Good stuff! I'm mildly sore, this morning.

My basement dojo is finally taking shape. I've got my heavy bag, speed bag, and reflex bag all set, along with the treadmill and inversion table, and the glass company came on Tuesday afternoon and installed three mirrors on the wall opposite from my heavy bag. I still need to get mats. I'll probably take floor measurements this weekend, and then browse around at sporting goods stores to see if I can get them at a reasonable price.

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  1. I finished "Living The Martial Way." I'm so impressed. What a great book! Five stars! Tonight, I'll start on "My Journey With The Grandmaster." I'm looking forward to it.