Monday, March 22, 2010

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

The Good:

Today, I received my copy and can't wait to dig into it:

This afternoon, I'm getting a 42"x 130" mirror installed in my workout room, and I have class, tonight.

Over the weekend, I installed my speed-bag brackets and platform. It's nice to have it up. :-)

The Bad:

After going through all of the strain and headache of installing my speed-bag platform, when it came time to put the bag on the swivel, I discovered that the bag will not hold air. CRAP!! I've got a new one on order... Hrmph.

The Ugly:

After a couple of weeks of weather in the upper sixties, I awoke to damn near blizzard conditions, this morning. G'ahhhhhh!!! Ah well... Winter's last hurrah, I guess. Pfft.....


  1. Not only I admire you, but I know for certain I would laugh with your writtings
    Have you ever consider writting a book?? I would be the first one to buy one. Thanks for posting and congratulations on your hard work. I'm getting inspired to get off my butt and go do something!!

  2. Thanks, Irma! I may write a book, someday. It's on my "bucket list." Good luck with whatever you choose to do. :-) Set your mind and heart, and you can do ANYTHING! :-)