Sunday, March 28, 2010

Home Dojo! Finally!

I went to Lowe's this morning, and found 2'x2' gray mats that interlock like puzzle pieces, in the Flooring section. After buying a bunch of them, I went home to the basement dojo and began putting them together. After moving the heavy-bag and frame, and juggling things around a little, I managed to get all of it installed. What a difference!

The mirrors covering one wall, and on the opposite wall, the heavy-bag in the corner, to the right of that, the speed-bag, and to the right of that, the reflex-bag. Still further, to the right of the reflex-bag, the treadmill.

It's all come together finally, and it's a place that's pleasant to train and work; a place where I feel like I really want to spend time. The room is L-shaped. In the shorter, wider part, I still have all of my weight-training equipment, along with various cast-off stuff that I was getting out of the house... An aquarium, a huge old TV, the steam-vac, etc., and everything is sort of jumbled in there, as I shoved things out of the way to make room for the home dojo.

Over the next week, little by little, I'll probably begin working on organizing that stuff, too. Giving away stuff to people who want it, hauling some of it to Goodwill, and then, to the dump with the rest of the junk.

It feels good to finally get things the way I that I first envisioned... :-) My daughter is crazy about the new dojo too.

My wife is going to be joining us in our class, starting Monday! She showed up at last Saturday's class to pick my daughter and I up, and started talking with our Sensei. She's been interested, as my daughter and I have progressed, so I guess we are going to become a martial arts family. :-)


  1. A home dojo...nice!

    I think it is great that your family will be training together.

  2. Dude that's so awesome! Feel free to take some pictures of the home dojo if you ever feel inclined, I'd love to see the setup.

    I'm still kicking it pretty basic here. My home dojo consists of my kettlebells, a wall bag and a concrete slab that holds our Weber grill when I'm not jumping rope. :P

    That's really cool that your wife's interested now, too! Sharing something like that with your family must be really great. :)

  3. Frank, your enthusiasm is so contagious!! I'm so happy your wife is joining! Take some pictures of your dojo!! Big hug my friend and congratulations on so much improvement!!

  4. Thanks! No pics yet, but maybe I'll do a new video this week of running through the Seisan Kata, (hopefully, vastly improved!) and you'll be able to see it.

    I bought a jumprope, too. I still need to adjust it. Right now, it's hanging up so that the "memory" will fall out of it.

    My Sensei handed my wife a dogi, and in spite of herself, I can see her enthusiasm. She's been working out and getting into better shape, and I think that karate will only augment that, for her.

    There are things that karate does, that nothing else seems to: It builds tendon and ligament strength, flexibility, and balance; all of those things that we lose, as we age, and yet, are so very important to not only living longer, but remaining healthier and younger.

  5. Hi Frank;
    It's realy great to see the excitement of people getting the martial arts bug.
    If we are sincere, it never goes away. There is no end to the excitement I find in my Martial study. I'm serious, if you stay with it, you will keep some things and drop some others. But over time, you will train your body and mind.
    --John @ Dojo Rat

  6. Thanks, Dojo Rat! My wife had her first class, last Monday. She loves it! :-)

    I'm really enjoying your blog, by the way. Thanks again!