Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What an amazing book....

I'm currently reading this book, and absolutely loving it. This man didn't lift weights seriously, until he was in his mid-thirties. He's 61-years old, and looks downright amazing.... Below, I've included a YouTube video of him talking about different things.. It's definitely worth a look.


  1. Hi Frank, life certainly doesn't end at 40! I seriously believe that both our physical and mental fitness can continue to improve way past our 40's and 50's - if we believe it and train for it.

    The guy in the photo looks great but I'm not sure its a good 'karate body'. With so much muscle bulk he would be to slow and heavy for our style of karate. The best karateka in our club are those who are light and slim with good muscle tone but not too bulky. But in Isshinryu maybe a different body shape is required?

  2. I don't know.... I doubt I will ever look like that. I'm naturally built more like a swimmer. Muscularity, in and of itself, is not bad, as long as care is taken to maintain flexibility and avoid becoming literally muscle-bound. I just hope that when I'm 61, I look half as good as he does. :-)