Sunday, August 1, 2010

Okay... Onward and upward!

Killer workout, this morning. Chest, shoulders, and neck. Flat bench press, inclined bench press, overhead shoulder press, and weighted neck-lifts, three sets per exercise, each one taken to muscle failure between 8-12 reps. My shoulders, chest, and lats continue to widen and broaden, and my waist continues to get smaller. My legs are getting a lot stronger and bigger, too. From workout to workout, I'm consistently raising the weights by an average of 5-7 lbs per exercise. The changes are exciting to see, and I feel great!! I'm being very careful to take my time to warm up, stretch out well, and do a light warm-up set before each exercise. In this way, I think I'll be able to keep from injuring myself. At this point, it really feels like the sky is the limit!

I've been working and working on the Naihanchi kata, and I've really got it in good shape. It doesn't feel nearly so awkward, anymore. In fact, I've even come to like it quite a bit. I'm ready to start viewing videos of the Wansu kata now, and if I can divide the kata up into halves, thirds, or quarters, maybe it'll be easier to memorize. I'm excited about it, and feel very encouraged by my rapid success with the Naihanchi. (Of course, I'm constantly working on the Seisan and Seiuchin katas, and I have a lot of refining of the Naihanchi kata, to do.) Anyway... It's getting there! :-)


  1. I'm glad your kata is finally sticking in your head! Sometimes all it takes it a slightly different approach to it to unlock it for you. Well done on the work out too. I'm back on my clean eating/weights/cardio plan today. Brown rice, chicken and veggies for the next 12 weeks. Yum yum!

  2. Thanks, Marie! I'm in Week 3 of my regimen. I lift heavy and eat heavy (good, clean calories) for six weeks, and then back off on the calories and lift lighter for two weeks, and then it's back to hardcore lifting and eating for another six weeks. I am so pleased with my results, so far. :-)

    Good luck with your regimen, as well!