Monday, April 5, 2010

Tonight's class, anticipation, and... Bob.

Tonight, in about an hour and a half, I find out if I passed my belt test. On the one hand, I'm pretty detached about it, acknowledging that in the grand scheme of things, belts really don't mean much. On the other hand, I'm pretty stoked. It feels like I'm finally on my way, which I also acknowledge as being kind of silly. I've been on my way for quite some time, now. Still, it'll be nice not to be a shirobi, anymore. (Eh... Providing, of course, that I passed the test!)

Bob showed up today. w00t!! I positioned him in the basement dojo, filled the base up with water, and then set the height of Mr. Bob. I took an old Everlast T-shirt and put it on him, and took a pair of old shorts and cut a hole in the middle of them so I could put them on Mr. Bob. I topped it off with a pair of old motorcycle sunglasses and a Stars & Stripes doo-rag. He looks very cool...

My daughter had no idea that Bob was coming. She came into the garage after I was done, and I told her to go into the dojo and turn the lights on. She yelled, "YES!!!! OMG... That is SO COOL!" Hahahahaha....

I've got a DVD of workouts that involve Bob. I'll watch it later. Maybe later tonight, I'll snap a couple of pics of Bob and post 'em up.

My ankle is feeling a bit better. I kept Arnica gel on it, and took some sublingual Arnica tablets that I have, and I think they helped. Riding the motorcycle today, I didn't notice any undue tenderness, when I was stopped at stoplights and holding the bike up with my left foot, so.... we'll see how it goes tonight at class.


At the end of class, the woman who was testing for brown-belt, my daughter, and I, were called up, one at a time, and our belt certificates were presented to us. The actual belts should be here by Thursday. w00t!!

More work on Chart I tonight, as well as fighting up from the ground with a variety of kicks thrown from a prone position, and then rolling up/fighting up into a good Seisan stance. Great class!


  1. Congratulations Frank! By the way belts are important when you are in the kyu grades, it's not silly to want promotion. The coloured belts are markers of our progress and motivate us to continue. Have you noticed its always black belts that tell us belts aren't important? I bet they were to them when they were kyu grades. Be proud of your achievement - and your belt!

  2. Thank you so much, Sue! You are right... It was wonderful last night, to see my daughter so pumped up about her promotion, too. She was on Cloud 9, and I'm so proud of her. I'm proud of my achievement, too. This belt represents four months of hard work, daily practice, and gallons of sweat. It feels good... :-) Thank you again, Sue!