Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Seiuchin vs. Seiunchin?

I've seen the name of this kata spelled Seiunchin and Seiuchin. I'm not sure which is proper.

Anyway, this is the latest kata that I'm trying to learn. It feels awkward. It doesn't snap for me the way the Seisan Kata did/does. I'm not sure how to really articulate it, but I'm having a tough time with it, and having a tough time becoming inspired by it. Giving up on it is not an option and of course I will persevere, but I'm really not very fond of it. Maybe as I get better at it, it will begin to really pop for me. I hope so... Because it seems very difficult now, it may end up becoming one of my favorite kata, by the time I have the whole thing worked out.

My wife is really coming along. I've been working with her on Chart I and she's got that memorized, and I've been working with her on the Seisan Kata, too. She's got the movements memorized and just needs to refine it a little. She spent years in ballet, so she's already got the neuron pathways established for quickly memorizing a sequence of moves, and has naturally good balance and flexibility. I'm so jealous.... Hahahaha... I'm happy for her, and she's really enjoying karate.

Bob and I are twins! Hahahaha....


  1. Way to go Frank!!!!! I'm so happy for your wife and daughter!!!!!and I'm sure they get your inspiration! It's contagious!!!! I love Bob!!!! Thanks for posting the picture!!!!
    You'll do really well!!!!

  2. Thanks, Irma! Last night, we went down to our dojo and worked on Chart II, which is all of the lower body exercises and kicks, ran through the Seisan Kata a few times, and then Julia and I did as much of the Seiuchin Kata as we could. We have class tonight. :-)