Monday, May 10, 2010


At my heaviest, back in December of '09, I weighed 187 lbs. At 5'10," I didn't look bad, and I'm pretty muscular, but I was developing some softness around my middle that I was dissatisfied with. Since starting karate again, quitting soft drinks and junk food, and eating five small meals each day instead of three large meals, I've lost a total of thirteen pounds. I'm getting back to my fighting weight, and the really great thing, is that it has felt effortless. I'd like to be back to 165-170. That's when I felt my lightest and strongest, but it's been several years since I was that light.

The tendinitis in my elbows seems to be slowly healing. I have good days and bad days, but lately, it seems that there are more good days than bad. I've felt good enough that I'm considering getting back into lifting weights again. If/when I do, I'm going to take it very slowly, and work very lightly for a couple of weeks, until I'm sure that I'm not causing myself any damage or setbacks.

Finally, the biggest problem; the thing I am most dissatisfied with, and my biggest regret: Smoking. I've cut down significantly, but it's time to quit. I may not succeed. Lord knows, I've tried and fallen flat on my face so many times, but I really do have to try. In the past, I've tried Zyban, Chantix, Nicorette, cold turkey, etc. Smoking is just out of phase with who I am, physically and spiritually. It's time for it to go. I'm ready to be done with it. I have three packs left, and when those are gone, I'm quitting.

The only constant in life is change. Right now, all of them seem good and positive.

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  1. Frank, You will accomplish anything you want in life, including to quit smoking! There is a right time for everything and only you know when that time is. I'm cheering for you!!!!!!!!
    Six months ago my son suffered pulmonary embolism, it was a blood clog in his lung, he is very young for that tragic moment we had to live with. Well, the only diagnostic was the cigarettes, he has been smoking since he was 14 ( I never knew just how much) It seems that the nicotine thickens the blood and it forms blood clots
    He quit and haven't touched one in six months!!! yeyyyyyyyyyy
    You can do it!! You'll feel healthier! You work so hard and that will work in your favor!
    Lots of luck!!!! All my best in your journey!!